If you are unfortunately experiencing a situation where one of your toilets has backed up, and you are unable to get it to flush as it normally does, you need to take steps to remedy the problem so you can use the toilet once again. Try the following steps to try to repair your toilet.

Determine The Extent Of The Problem

If you are only experiencing a problem with water backing up in one toilet in your home, it may be a clog that you are able to remove on your own. Use a plumbers snake to move away any lodged material in the area where the contents go down the piping system. A plunger can also be tried to remove any obstructions from the toilet. If you have multiple toilets giving you trouble, or if you notice wastewater backing up into bathtubs or showers on the lowest level of your home, the main sewer line may be giving you these issues. This is caused by a buildup of grease and other kitchen refuse, or roots of trees getting too close to the line. It is best to contact a professional for an assessment.

Check On Plumbing Vents

There are vents on the exterior of your home, usually along your rooftop, that allow for airflow to aid in proper water removal from the piping system throughout your home. If one of these vents becomes clogged, you will likely deal with sluggish water drainage or water not draining or flushing at all. Take a look inside each of the vents on the exterior of your home to rule out an obstruction. Natural debris such as twigs or leaves may be blocking the vent so that airflow is unable to occur as it should be. Pests like mice or birds also use these vents for nesting areas.

Contact A Repair Service

A repair service that specializes in toilet backup remedying can be a quick fix to the problem you are currently going through. These services are a bit different from plumbing services, in that they take the repair work a step further by determining what part of your piping service is being affected, and they offer cleanup services if your toilet has overflowed. This is extremely important, as leaving wastewater in place can lead to health problems for people and pets, as well as mold growth if moisture is not removed quickly.

For additional information, contact a toilet backup repair service.