Your septic tank receives all the wastewater from your home. The fact that it's a reservoir for the water coming from your washing machine, toilets, and bathrooms means that it will fill up at some point. But you wouldn't want this to happen unexpectedly, right? For that reason, you need to know when it's time to call a septic tank pumping company. Below are the signs you should look out for.

1. Sewage Backup

Sewage backing up into the drainage system signifies that your septic tank is filled up. In this case, the lowest sinks and bathrooms in your home will be the first to be affected since they are nearest to the tank.

Keep in mind that sewage backups can expose you and your entire family to harmful bacteria. That's why you should never attempt to handle the situation yourself. The sewer backup is also unsightly and can adversely affect the comfort of your home.

An ideal way of addressing the problem is to hire a reputable septic tank pumping service to pump it about. Thanks to their skills and experience, they have what it takes to empty the tank without exposing you to health hazards.

2. Healthy Grass Near the Septic Tank

Once your septic tank starts filling up, liquid waste known as effluent can quickly saturate the drain field. As a result, the waste might start making its way towards the surface, and you might even notice stagnated wastewater near the tank. In addition, the wastewater contains waste that makes it act as fertilizer, making nearby grass grow faster than the rest.

Therefore, if there are water pools near your septic tank, yet it hasn't rained, you need to consult with a septic tank pumping expert. The same applies if the vegetation close to the tank seems much healthier.

3. Foul Smell

If there's a pungent smell inside or outside your home, it's most likely coming from the septic tank. As the tank fills up, it continually piles pressure on the gases contained inside. In the end, the gases exit the tank, giving the surrounding environment a pungent smell.

Keep in mind that the gases can also exit through your drains, making the entire house have a foul smell. Considering that the awful odor can be embarrassing, it's advisable to contact a competent septic tank pumping service as soon as possible.

As a prudent homeowner, it's vital to keep the above signs in mind. That way, you can quickly tell when to call in a local septic tank pumping company.