When you are renovating your home there are certain considerations you need to make. One of the largest will be, should you get a dumpster rental to haul away all the waste of the renovation, or should you hire a junk removal company? There are advantages to each choice and it will really come down to what you need to be done.

Junk Removal

A junk removal company is great in many instances and especially when you are doing renovations to your home that doesn't take that much time to complete. A junk removal company will do a lot of the loading of the dumpster for you, although for items like refrigerators, stoves or other large appliances you might have to pay an additional fee. It can also cost you more money for additional trips that the company has to make loading and then hauling your waste away.

An advantage a junk removal company offers is they usually have permits to dispose of the waste at landfills or even to recycling plants for items that can be used again.

Dumpster Rental

When you rent a dumpster you usually pay a fee that you agree on with the company and there are unless you extend your rental for longer, that is all you will pay them. The company will drop the dumpster to your location – at your home or business, wherever you have the need for it. You do all the work filling the dumpster during your renovations and the company comes to pick up the filled dumpster at the end of the rental cycle. You can extend the length of the rental time if needed for as long as you need.

A dumpster allows you more time to fill it and is the better choice for larger, ongoing projects. It is possible to change the pickup day if you need to and the rental tends to be more cost-effective for those who need a longer window to keep the dumpster with generally no additional fees added.

It is also possible to rent smaller dumpsters should your job not be a large one. There are some dumpster companies that also rent out heavy duty, large bags capable of handling a lot of waste for a lower fee as well.


Where you live can determine how much you pay for either a dumpster rental or for junk removal. You may need to obtain a permit from your town or city to park one on your property but even with the additional cost of a permit, it might be more cost effective to rent your own dumpster than to hire a junk removal company for your job. Costs will vary greatly between each type of company and your city, so do your research and compare prices before committing to one or the other.