If you have a septic system in the your yard, here are a few ways that you can take care of your system this summer.

#1 Don't Park On Top Of Your Septic Tank

You should not park your vehicles on top of your septic tank. This will compress the soil on top of the septic tank. This can put more pressure on your septic tank and your pipes and result in damage to your septic system. If you need to move your vehicles, park them in front of your house or somewhere on your property far from where the septic tanks are located.

#2 Keep Playing Area Away From Septic Tank Field

Next, you should also keep your playing area for your kids away from the septic field. For example, putting a pool on top of your septic field is not a good idea. This will compress the soil just like parking on top of your septic tank field will do, which could cause damage to your septic tank and pipes. Don't put your kids pool or playground right on top of the septic tank field.

Although it is okay to let your kids run around on top of and around the septic field, you shouldn't compress the soil more than necessary and should try to locate your kids more permanent play area way from the septic tank field.

#3 Be Careful With Landscaping

Third, you need to be careful with how you landscape the area where your septic tank is located. You don't want to plant any trees or bushes that have deep roots systems near your septic tank field. The roots will seek out water, which they will find within the septic system. Tree roots are one of the more popular reasons why septic systems end up getting damaged; the roots are determined to get as much water as possible, and will break through the septic pipes in order to get it, causing significant damage along the way.

It is also not a great idea to plant your garden right about your septic field. The best things to plant on top of your septic field is grass and flowers. Keep the bushes, shrubs, trees, and vegetables for the other parts of your property.

This summer, protect your septic system by not parking on top of it, keeping the kids play area away from the septic field, and being careful about what you plant on top of and around the septic field. Taking these three steps will help ensure that your septic field doesn't get damaged this summer or in the long term.

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