If you just moved to a new home and it has recessed lighting, you need to ensure the lighting is fire safe. One way to do this is to check if they have fire hoods. Once fire hoods are installed, you will find that recessed lighting has many benefits. Below are some of these benefits, as well as information about fire hoods.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

One of the many benefits of recessed lighting is it can provide an accent to a sculpture, painting, etc. This lighting paints a soft glow over and to the sides of the object which draws people's eyes to it. Recessed lights are also hidden so people do not see them so their eyes will only be on what they are lighting.

Recessed lighting is lightweight when compared to other types, such as track lighting. You do not have to attach these lights directly to wall studs or ceiling joists as they simply sit in recessed spaces. Because they are lightweight they do not have to have a lot of support.

Recessed lighting is versatile. For example, you can place a recessed light over your desk to give you less obtrusive lighting. You can dim the lights easily so they work well in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

If you decide to have fire hoods installed in your home, hire an electrician to do this for you to ensure they are installed properly.

What a Fire Hood Is and Why You Need It

If the recessed lights were to catch on fire a fire hood would slow the fire down as it penetrates the area. This would give the fire department more time to put the fire out and save you from a lot of home damage and injuries to your family.

Fire hoods are made of an intumescent material and is placed into the hole before lighting is installed. Because you already have recessed lights, you will need to remove them, place the fire hood, and then reinstall the lights. The fire hood expands when there is heat so there are no gaps in the space. This contains the fire in that space, which is because it is called a fire barrier.

Fire Hood in Kitchen

While the electrician is installing the fire hoods for your recessed lighting, ask them to also install a fire hood in your kitchen, such as over the stove.  You do need to ensure you keep the fire hood clean for sanitation purposes. This is because the fire hood filters grease while you are cooking, as well as filters heat. If there is a fire, the fire hood keeps the smoke, ashes, etc. out of your kitchen.

The electrician you hire can answer any questions you may have about fire hoods.