If you are in the process of opening up your first microbrewery, then it is important that you know how to properly sanitize your equipment and work surfaces to avoid bacterial contamination. Since your brewery will be inspected by the local health department on a regular basis, using proper industrial sanitation procedures are essential for the future of your business. Also, since your customers can become ill if you do not properly sanitize, you should follow these essential industrial sanitation tips:

Use High-Quality Industrial Cleaning Tools to Avoid Contamination 

When it comes to the tools that you use for cleaning your microbrewery, it is essential that you purchase high-quality items that will not shed bristles, sponge particles, or other contaminates that can end up in your beer, bottles, or glasses. Rather than purchase inexpensive cleaning tools at your local home improvement center, buy cleaning items at an industrial cleaning supply company. This is not an area where you want to save money.

Never Clean Up Broken Glass with Cleaning Tools Used Elsewhere

When you inevitably break beer bottles or customer drinking glasses, then you should have a designated broom that you use to clean up the mess. This is important because glass shards can become trapped in the broom's bristles. If you then use the same broom to brush out the bottom of your fermentation vats, the small glass shards can be left behind and will contaminate your beer. If you want to use a broom for cleaning your empty vats, then you should have a separate broom that is only used for that purpose as well.

Keep Your Cleaning Fluids in Marked Containers and Away from Food and Drinks

Since you will need a variety of different cleaning chemicals to keep your microbrewery clean and sanitary, you must keep them in clearly marked containers. You should never place cleaning chemicals into unmarked containers because they could be used in an inappropriate way by unknowing staff. Additionally, it is vital that you keep all cleaning fluids away from any food or drinks in your brewery.

Consider a Consultation with an Industrial Sanitation Professional

Finally, since you may not realize all of the necessary steps for keeping your new microbrewery clean and sanitary, you should consider having a consultation with a professional industrial sanitation service, such as Powell's  Trash Service. During your consultation appointment, the professional will be able to show you exactly how you should store cleaning fluids and tools, how to keep your work surfaces adequately sanitized, and what you need to know to pass your health inspections